Yellowing garlic tips?

I’ve never had this particular problem, and this farm is new to me and this garlic wasn’t planted by me either.

It all emerged uniformly and healthy looking, but this week all of the tips turned yellow, all three varieties all at once. I pulled one and the roots were strong and healthy looking and the bulb looked intact so I don’t feel like it’s a pest issue. I mean it could nematodes but I don’t know the history of this plot.

So this leaves me to think it’s either been raining too much or it’s a fertility issue. I’m not sure about the rain however since it’s a pretty sandy soil there that drains really well.

Any thoughts?

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Hi Denis; I think too much moisture…lots of good links, info. It has been unusually wet spring,

Garlic Growers association also has lots on info,

Wow! Beautiful that you have garlic so tall already! I’ve often found that the tips yellow like that in cooler wetter seasons. I think it’s just a nutrient uptake issue. Though it could be a sign of potassium deficiency (which again might just be due to the wetness & temp)