Yellow Beet Variety that is awesome

I’ve been using touchestone Gold from High Mowing for a few years and haven’t had good success with it. I’m wondering if anyone has a good variety of yellow beet that grows well and has a good germination rate. Any suggestions are appreciated.


HM’s Touchstone Gold has always had a teeeeeeerrible germination rate for me. Sadly I never found a good substitute. :frowning:

Yellow beets in general are not known for good germination.

I have rather sandy, acidic soil and I have found in general that some varieties do better with it than others. There is at least one very common and popular red beet that just won’t grow well for me, while another one does fine.

Also in general, when I grow a variety out for seed in my own garden, subsequent generations almost always do MUCH better, because the seed is now tailored for my particular situation. You might try growing Touchstone gold out for seed and seeing if your own seed doesn’t do better than purchased. It might!

I’ve had reasonable success with Boldor from WIlliam Dam, taaasty beets. As for germination, I haven’t found that it is remarkably terrible, and always use burlap as with carrots to keep soil moisture constant in first 5-10 days after direct sowing.

I agree with @sdolamor, keeping constant moisture levels is the key to good germination with these. I used to put row cover over the rows after seeding to limit evaporation/exposure.