Wood cooking stove experiences and advice

Hello all!

My wife and I are moving into our quansit hut and still weighing up heating and cooking options.

Does anyone here have experience installing a wood stove? Any safety tips, things to avoid etc.? Most of the stoves we’re looking at are up in cottage country and impossible to test for leaks and whatnot. Our living space is an insulated 30 x 10 foot room.

Perhaps the Wood cook stove is more romantic and less practical? Any advice appreciated.


As long as you have a wood lot got for it. We heat with wood not only for heat but hot water. We are near straffordville on a farm.

We’re off-grid and use a Pioneer Princess cookstove for our cooking and heating. They’re expensive but quickly pay for themselves with their better efficiency. There’s a bit of a learning curve to it but its not difficult and now we even prefer to cook on one over gas and electric. We throw a roast in the oven in the morning, close the stove down, and cook dinner and heat our house at the same time. We still use it in the summer months by doing a quick, hot fire in the morning and not using it the rest of the day. The downside is that it takes longer to boil water for coffee or anything else. We started with a leaky old stove and don’t recommend that route. We burned more wood and reeked of woodsmoke intensely all year, though I’m sure we still do after switching to an airtight, but just can’t tell. I installed it myself but wish I had just paid a friend who does WETT installs to do it.

In short, we love it and its worth trying out if you can get a good stove to trial on and see if its something you’re into.

I have no experience in what I am about to recommend, but a friend recommended to us a rocket stove.

This is one that I found online that was compact, certified safe for indoor use and was not too expensive:

This is only for heat. When I was Googling things, I saw that there are rocket stoves for cooking purposes as well.