Who wants to split shipping/pickup of pelletted 5-3-2 Actisol?

I’m thinking of buying some pelleted Actisol (essentially dried hen manure, 5-3-2 NPK), and for those who are certified organic it is an accepted input. It is sold for about 370$/ton. We could have it delivered to a central location and have everyone pickup however much they require. Shipping is usually 45$ to London (from Toronto) for a total of 415$ for one metric ton.

I’m in the London, ON area.

Hi Denis,

I am interested. Does one MT come in a tote that could be placed in the back of a pick-up truck?

Yes they come in half-ton totes.

Can you please put me down for one ton? Also, when do you intend to have it delivered? Thanks Denis

Noted! I’m working on dates and such. Stay tuned.

Still waiting to hear back from them about availability.

@andrew.e.meehan, would you be willing for me to split the shipping cost with you but only take maybe 1/3 of a tote (so about 150-200kg)? We just don’t need that much this year. Let me know!

Hey Denis,

Sounds good. What would my total cost be? Thanks

The plot has thickened a little as they are out of totes at the Toronto warehouse. However they still have 25kg bags (minimum order of 20 for a total of 500kg) at 15.53$/bag. If we are able to go and get them there is only a small warehouse pick-up fee of 15$. So for 500kg our total would be 325$ for a half ton, or 636$ for a full ton.

I don’t personally have a pick-up truck so I’m looking into the cost of them shipping a skid or two this way.

Hey Denis,

Thanks for the update. I won’t be passing through Toronto anytime soon, so picking up isn’t an option for me either. I would be happy to split a half ton with you. Let me know - Cheers

Finally heard back from the rep and shipping a skid from TO to London is $175 + tax. That bring the total to about 485$ for a skid of 25kg bags (500kg), or 25$/bag. I find that a bit pricey if you ask me (compared to 15$/bag without the shipping), but let me know what you think.

Obviously it’s a bit late in the season to be ordering this stuff. However I very much intend to place an order early in the spring so I’ll post here again at that time and see who’s interested, then we’ll figure out the logistics.