Where to source coolbot?

I’m located in eastern Ontario and will soon be setting up my cooler. Are there places in Canada, Ontario even to source coolbots or do I have to order directly from the coolbot site in the US? Thanks.

You can get it right off Amazon Canada with free and fast shipping.

But I’d check for a used one on Kijiji first, you know, save a few bucks.


For the record, I used to use this in my cooler:


Way cheaper, but needs extra attention because its major downside is that it doesn’t cycle the compressor on and off to keep the coils from freezing over. But if you keep an eye on it, it works about the same, used it for half a season with an old air conditioner I got off Kijiji.

I thought I would amend my previous post to say that I have figured out that if you wire two of these Inkbird units in series, you can essentially make a Coolbot for 100$ vs the regular 500$. In this setup, one Inkbird sensor monitors the fins for ice buildup and shuts the AC off if it goes below 0 degrees C, and the other Inkbird’s sensor monitors the room temperature and keeps the unit operating until it reaches the set value. I no longer have icing issues that I did when I was only using a single Inkbird, and we’ve been running this setup for a few months now without issue.

I find that the only downside to this is some temperature fluctuation in the room when the unit kicks back on because of the compressor delay in the AC, I wish the compressor would just kick back in instantly, but that would likely require opening up the AC and doing some soldering, so I choose to live with it. Besides, the room temp swings up for about a minute or two before the compressor kicks in, so I doubt that my veggies are affected by this.

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