Where to find affordable insect netting

Hi, Elly again with another question.

I need a small amount of insect netting to keep out sucking insects from attacking my brassicas. I also will use it on my leeks to keep leek moth out. I have used Remay floating covers, but I think it shades too much and water runs off of it more than it soaks thru. also it is very light and easily blows away and tears up too easily. Where do i find insect netting, i prefer to purchase directly from the manufacturer than pay double the price from a retailer.

Thanks Elly

Hi Elly,

We bought a small amount of Proteknet last summer to test it out on our summer brassica greens. With the extreme heat an dry conditions our remay wasn’t doing the job. I liked that is was easier to see the plants growing underneath and that it does not tear easily (like row cover). It’s a good substitute for row cover when growing in the summer heat, we also used it over lettuce to protect from deer. We bought from Irrigation Plus in Elmira. It is quite a bit more expensive than remay/row cover, so we probably would not buy more because of the scale we are growing at. However, if it’s just a small amount you’re looking for it might be worth it, especially since I’m imagining it will last a long time!

Here is some extra info:

“But even better for protecting plants against bugs in summer is ProtekNet, a translucent polyamide (nylon) fabric which comes in different mesh sizes. it allows better airflow than rowcover, and better light permeability (from the plants’ perspective) – visibility from the human perspective. Dubois offers free shipping on online orders over $200. ProtekNet is also available from Purple Mountain Organics in Maryland, and Johnnys Seeds in Maine.”

Naomi, that is what i find attractive, the fact that it isn’t shading the crops. If i want shade, i will use the black knitted cloth i have. I think I will have to resort to purchasing it from /dubois or Will Dam Seeds.
How long has yours lasted season after season?

Like Naomi said, try Irrigation Plus, last I checked their prices seemed to be competitive compared to Dubois and William Dam.


Well we have only had it for one season, but there were NO tears last season even when we buried the sides. I’d imagine you would get more than 5 seasons use out of it, especially if your treat it well.

Here is Irrigation Plus’ contact: (519) 664-1400