Where to buy containers


I am wondering where people buy those plastic rectangular containers I see for CSAs and at farmers markets? I keep googling and coming up with nothing.

To add to this. I’m wondering if there’s a good store for all kinds of packaging. Food safe bags, cardboard boxes, etc.


I would try the following:

Wellington Produce Packaging (https://wellingtonpp.ca/)

AMA Plastics (http://www.amaplas.com)

Crawford Packaging (www.crawfordpackaging.com)

By the way, did you mean these?

Thanks for the suggestions.

I meant the bigger kind that hold the weeks worth of veggies.

I’m at the moment trying to figure out the best way to deliver veggies to a restaurant. Which has opened up the how to store and transport for a variety of reasons.

Thanks again

Sorry about that! I guess you mean totes. I used to just buy Rubbermaid Roughneck totes wherever I could find them on sale. Like these:


If you want open containers, Dubois has those:


Contact Wellington Produce Packaging in Mt Forest. They service vegetable and fruit farmers with containers.


Do you mean the black vented tulip crates? If so, there are a number of Mennonite farmers in the Waterloo area that carry them (John Burkharts and Irrigation Plus) . If you’re not in this area try searching specifically for used tulip crates.

Also, for boxes and bags, rubber bands etc we go to https://www.wholesaleclub.ca/