What the leek?!

I often struggle getting leeks germinated and am hoping someone has good advice! I had a 5% germination rate after planting 12 days ago. They were watered and covered in plastic. The temp got as high as 90 for a couple days during the warm spell, but the soil temp was consistently between 76-80.

I’m going to replant in the next couple of days so am curious if anyone has some secret tips? Lower temperature, adding something to the soil, should I sing to them?


leeks germinate best at 68 degree

Yup, your temp is way too high, I usually germinate alliums at room temp with a cover on to keep humidity constant. But don’t saturate the soil with water either, the seeds need to breathe too. They should germinate in about 4-5 days under these conditions. Let us know how it goes!

Thanks all! Interestingly enough the leeks came up on day 15, when I was just about to dump the soil and start again. Good germinations rates too. I’ve planted the next batch and will keep them at a lower temperature. It will be interesting to see the difference.