Want Bulk Chicken Feed in the GTA?

Hi all,

I’m looking into the cost/benefit of logistics and infrastructure to buy our chicken feed in bulk this year. Inquiries to Jones feed mill came back with a 2-tonne minimum, and I only need ~1050kg of Grower this season. We use Maitland Valley Non-GMO grower btw. Wondering if anyone wants to go in on some feed with us? Approx. 950kg (38x 25kg bags) that would need a home. I have so many clean, saved feed bags that they could be filled from our bin (yet top be purchased) for transport to your farm. Pls. get in touch if you’re interested 519 400 9213


Hi Sarah,
Have you considered getting your feed in tote bags? The large white bags that hold approx 1 tonne. I get my feed in these from Jones just now and I’m getting similar quantities to you. You pay the bulk price for the feed but then you pay for the bag ($35 iirc) so it doesn’t end up a huge amount cheaper but at least the tote has value around the farm, instead of all of the bags!

Where abouts are you located?

Hi Ben,
I’ve gotten feed in tote bags before yes, the chipmunks hit the jackpot the day the totes arrived haha. How do you keep them protected from moisture/vermin? I’m located just north of Bolton, Ontario.

Lol! I empty the totes into a big plastic bin that is skid sized and holds about 1m3, any excess goes into a food grade barrel. I just pick the tote up and empty out the chute in the bottom.

Not a perfect system but I find it helps if you can’t get enough together for a bulk order. I’m just west of Cambridge, shame we’re not closer as we use the same feed.
Cheers, Ben

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I’m curious- are you using the grower feed already? I found the protein is way too low (like 15 or 16 percent right?) I’ve been keeping my meat birds on the Maitland valley chick start all the way to processing at 8 weeks, and we’ve had really nice sized birds, last year we used the grower and were so disappointed when the birds were only like 3 pounds when processing day arrived

Hi Sam, yes we switch to grower at around 4 weeks. That’s dissapointing about the size of your guys :frowning:
Our birds are a slower growing variety (either Bonnies Heavy reds or this year, Rustic Rangers) and we take them to get processed at around 12-13 weeks, so I havent had an issue with size in the last year or so I am for around 6.5lbs. First year we did 15 weeks and ended up with proto-turkeys lol