Urban Farming chat

This thread is for talking about urban farming, the unique challenges and opportunities it presents, problem solving and networking! If you’re an urban grower or are hoping to become one, feel free to drop your questions, ideas and tips here!

Urban farming. I suppose as a rural farmer, I find the common hurdle on rural farms and urban farms is…finding reliable help/staff/interns/volunteers. At our farm, we have an endless list of volunteers and interns. Yet labor is scarce. (Will)

We are a urban farm with 7 acres in the middle of the city and we still find it SOOO hard to find reliable labour. The people in urban centre think it’s going to be “cute” to work on a farm and then they find out the reality of what it’s actually like.
This year I’m trying to hire people with disabilities part time I think…not completely sure yet…
It sounds terrible but people with disabilities aren’t as likely to be hired and so are a lot more grateful for the job. You can get government subsidies to help with the cost and they seem far more likely to be ok with the seasonal nature of the position because they receive ODSP. 2021 will be my first year trying so we will see how it goes!!