Thoughts on the Tilther from Johnny's

Thinking about buying a tilther to use for bed prep in our hoophouse. It seems like a more appropriate tool in small spaces, rather than using our BCS.

Just looking for feedback on this tool from those who use one. Specifically, how well it works in clay soil as well as any other pros and cons.


Hey Paula,

I’ve really enjoyed using the tilther. I like how shallowly it stirs the soil, how light and easy to use it is (great in tight spaces), and the fine seedbed it leaves. I expect our good fortune with this tool is partly due to the nature of our soil, which is very sandy and loose. When I’ve applied a good amount of compost, and if conditions are wet, I have found our drill (20V Dewalt) struggles. It may not be the right fit for clay soil, but if you have a good quality drill that could improve your chances.

Thanks for the feedback, Andrew. We decided to take our chances and buy one. I’ll be sure to get a powerful drill

Hi Paula,

I’m interested to hear your impressions on the use of Johnny’s tilther on clay soil. I’m considering to buy one too, but I can’t find if it’s also working well on clay soil. Looking forward to hear your thoughts.


I’ve heard it’s not that great on heavier soils, so I’d also like to hear from Paula @saladdaysfarm about her experience with it.

We’ve enjoyed using it this season. Didn’t run into too many issues with it in our clay soil. There were a few times when the soil was very dry/hard so we had to resort to the BCS. But for most direct seeded crops it prepared the beds very nicely.

I’d recommend buying a powerful drill. We bought a Milwaukee after researching the most powerful drills on the market. And it’s good to have more than one battery in case one dies during the middle of the job.