Supplies for Seed Starting

Just wondering what everyone’s favourite/most affordable place to buy plug trays and pots for starting their vegetable seedlings.
What’s your favourite potting mix to use?

Hi Paula!

For potting mix I use the organic Berger mix (OM2 I think) which I like, though I find it does tend to dry out somewhat quickly especially out in full sun and wind. I buy it from a place near St.Thomas.

For plug trays etc. I’ve used AMA plastics (in Kingsville, ON) but I can’t speak to how competitive their pricing is compared to something more local to you. Where are you located by the way?

I’m getting rid of all of my plug trays if you’re interested I could bundle all of them and you could have them for a song. :slight_smile:

I see you are near Belwood. You might want to see where Everdale and Zocalo Organics source their stuff (tell them I said “hi”).

I can’t comment on price competitiveness, but Irrigation Plus (no website – 519-664-1400) outside of Elmira has a wide selection of market gardening equipment and supplies. I have bought a lot of stuff from William Dam Seeds in the past although they are among the most expensive.

Here in the Great White North (Owen Sound) the market gardeners I know increasingly prefer soil blocks to plug trays. See Eliot Coleman’s New Organic Grower. Anyone who stocks plug trays can probably stock the contraptions for making soil blocks.


A couple years ago Cathy Hansen introduced me to the Winstrip Tray. They are heavy duty trays that will last for years. The difficulty is that I can’t find them here in Canada. If anyone knows such a source please pass it along.

Hi Denis,

Thanks for the tips. I got a quote from AMA, their prices are pretty good, but as I expected the shipping was expensive. I’m located near Fergus (30 mins north of Guelph). If I wasn’t so far away I’d take the plug trays off your hands. I’ve opted to buy from Bradford co-op. Prices are good and I can pick everything up.