Sponsoring a starter Flock for new sheep farmers

Are you looking for a new flock? Are you on a small ecological vegetable farm, looking to add on-farm fertility? Maybe you have a barn and a couple of pastures but you need livestock, or you have some beef and you’re looking to make a flerd?
We are willing to sponsor new sheep entrants—preferably in eastern Ontario—with a young ram and 2 (or more) unrelated yearling ewes.
Clyde is nearing breeding age, half Katahdin, and the largest and loveliest ram we have ever raised.

Contact us soon and describe your situation, and your plans.

Hey there! Your post info sounds too good to be true! We are a new small organic farm near Belleville and are very interested in a flock of sheep. We purchased our farm a year ago (most recently a goat farm), along with two bred Dexter cattle, and this year we raised a flock of organic chickens and developed some vegetable gardens. We love our small herd and our herd is very happy to have a huge pasture to enjoy. We think it would be awesome to care for a flock of sheep here, grazing alongside our cows! There’s wonderful pasture and plenty of space in our barns to house them. We have endless ideas for developing the farm, but of course finite financial resources keep us moving slowly along. We would be thrilled if you would consider sponsoring us as new sheep entrants with a young ram and 2 (or more) unrelated yearling ewes!!!
Please let us know what you think!

Hey, Ben
Great to hear from you. We think this sounds like exactly the type of folks and situation that we were looking to encourage and support. Give us a call [343-262-0571] or email denise@flatearthfarm.ca and we can discuss delivery and logistics, and any other questions that you may have.
sunny days,
Denise and Phil