Sourcing Organic Hay

Hello all,

This is our first year raising grass-fed beef. We are committed to organic practices though not certified.

I am looking for a source of organic hay near Guelph. Would anyone have suggestions?

There does seem to be hay available from older fields that haven’t been sprayed and have avoided non-organic fertilizers. However there doesn’t seem to be a long term plan to build soil health on those fields so it doesn’t seem quite right to buy from these places.

In future years I am realizing probably the best plan will be to rent land for haying and properly build up soil fertility.

I will have some organic certified hay, available mid-August. small squares, $7/each. No delivery.

I do have naturally occurring grasses. I would love to use it somehow. Unfortunately I am in Seeley’s Bay. I would be happy to send you a picture or additional information.

Hi Arthur,

Derek Brouwer is outside of Cambridge and ships organic hay across the province:

Hi all,

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! I am following up on these leads.

We have a decent hay crop this year. I have 100 bales available, $7 for each small. Certified, near Aberfoyle

Hi everyone,

We have organic hay (passed inspection, should be certified this winter after the waiting period). However, we are in Alfred (east of Ottawa).