Sourcing Organic composted manure

Looking for a good source of organic compost. Need 20-40tonnes. I was using mushroom compost the past few years but lost my source. Ready to switch back to composted manure, but would prefer not to go with poultry litter compost this year (but that’s the only organic compost I’ve found in bulk so far). Any leads? I’m in the Waterloo area - needs to be within reasonable trucking distance.

Hey Angie,

I’ve ordered 20 tonnes from two different suppliers in the last year. Nature Lane Farms in Tilbury was approx $1900 with delivery to London area. Mayrose Construction (northeast of Stratford) was approx. $1500 for 40 yards with delivery to London area. The stuff from Nature Lane had a fair bit of clay in it, but was otherwise a nice texture (I ordered a mix of composted greens and mushroom compost). The mix from Mayrose was composted veal manure. It came pretty wet but as it dries out it is looking quite nice. I was also in contact with Earthco and they seem have a decent selection, although a little pricey as I recall. Good luck.


For any others following: I have found a source near Waterloo for organic cattle/horse manure from Advanced Compost. It does NOT have organic certification papers (which is ok for me, but possibly not for others).


My sense is that it is super-hard to qualify as CO compost – I just plan ahead and get manure or litter.

A couple years ago Toni During ( near Alliston had CO compost. Back then he sold by the cubic yard and had trucks with 20- and 50-yard capacities.