Source for trees/gooseberry bushes

i am looking for gooseberry bushes and korean pine trees. i know i saw an add in a previous EFAO newsletter offering such plants/trees. cant find the issue/add. does anyone know what/who i may referring to? i believe they were in far sw ontario. thnx

Do you mean Whiffletree? They are in Elora, in the Guelph area.

perfect thank you - not sure if the one but sure looks like a good start
thnx for taking the time to respond

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Nut tree have sold out Korean Pine listed. has sold out Siberian Pine (similar to Korean). fruiting shrubs — Summergreen has sold out of a selection of gooseberries.
Small fruits plants and cultivars - Lareault Nursery has a couple of other types of gooseberries. Also sold out.
I have been collecting different varieties of gooseberries for a while. All different sources over the years. Including special orders to nurseries that buy from US nurseries.
I can lay some branches down this growing season to root. If you are interested in buying a few varieties from me. I can’t do large amounts. They are easy to propagate once you have a plant. I have preferences for taste and tenacity. (hmmmm perhaps I should consider an add on to my fresh produce offerings…) is a wonderful source of plant descriptions (as in her description of Captivator:Almost thornless large bush producing fairly bland red berries; mildew resistant)
I can only dream about having some of the many types she grows in Oregon. But, refreshing to read a description in a nursery catalogue that does not claim everything is delicious.
Anyway, I can give you list of what I gooseberries I grow and what has done well for me.

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thank you so very much for this pat. i appreciate your taking the time.
i am surprised at all the gooseberry varieties! i just like the old round, very tart berries that turned purple. i use when green though.
i had several bushes at my old farm over 20 years ago - two varieties of lovely tart green. a round berry and a lesser productive bit oval berry (this plant had more stalks coming from ground while the rounder berry plant was more of a branched bush.
i would love to buy any similar if you can propogate.
i hope that in the end to have a bakers dozen?
thank you
marney cuff-eisenbarth

Hi Marney,
Would you like to switch to email? Then I can send photos and descriptions.
Bye for now