Source for Greenhouse / Hoophouse Plastic?

Where do you like to buy plastic for your GH / hoop house / cat tunnels?

Irrigation Plus in Elmira. Mennonite run, so no website. But call and talk to Dwayne. He’s very helpful. We’ve found their prices to be the best around.

Alternatively, Multi Shelter Solutions in Palmerston.


Try these two (I thought Westland’s prices were rather good, but that was a few years back):


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I’ve had good luck with DeCloet out of Simcoe. Decent prices ($.09 / square foot for 6 mil poly) and quick turnaround time (had two pieces cut for me in a couple of days).

Also L&R Shelters are excellent. Hamilton area.

Growers Requisites are a strong option.

@jcolbeck Let us know what you end up going with, and share prices if you can.

We picked up 7.3 mil greenhouse plastic from Irrigation Plus this weekend for $0.13 per sqaure foot.

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Just checked today and it appears they are permanently closed. :frowning:

FYI, just made a few calls:

DeCloet: 0.09$/sqft + 5$/cut (6 mil)
Irrigation Plus: 0.16$/sqft (*8 mil)
L&R Shelters: 0.135$/sqft (6 mil)