Somebody destroying my Veg!

Argh! Raccoons or skunks are rootling up all my veg plants! :frowning: We have a large organic vegetable concern and it’s being destroyed each night. :o We have never had this happen, but have tried the no-dig method this year. I wonder if the drought has made the softer soil in the veg patch more desirable than the dry ground :confused: !
How do I stop them, barring a ‘veg patch prison’!? (We have quite a large veg patch so that’s not very practical.:stuck_out_tongue: )

Are there any natural repellents or barriers I can put on the veg that work? They seem to be destroying the squash and soybeans the most! :o
Help is appreciated!

Any photos of the damage? Any tracks?

I am wondering now if it’s Squirrels! I have seen them rootling in the Orchard and the damage seems to have been done early in the morning as I notice it as I’m going to the Stables for morning chores. The holes look reasonably fresh :confused:
Here is a pic I took this morning. I had initially thought it was raccoons but now I think it’s a smaller creature! :o

We have an overabundance of chipmunks this year too! Could it be them doing it early in the morning?? :confused:
It’s getting annoying! :frowning:

Ya if they’re rooting around I’d say squirrels/chipmunks, or maybe a groundhog?