Seed potato supplier?

Can anyone recommend a source for organic seed potatoes in SW Ontario (London region). If not I’ll take a supplier that can ship out here also. Thank you!

Side note, I used to order them from Homestead Organics, but I just found that they went out of business!?!? BUMMER! :frowning:

I believe the only organic seed potato grower in Ontario is Henry Ellenberger. He’s in eastern ontario but will ship. Usually he groups orders together and sends to one area farm to save shipping costs. Great quality potatoes although he often sells out by March or so. West Coast seeds also has some organic varieties and will ship.


Good to know about,

I have already ordered my seed potatoes from Eagle Creek farm in Alberta, I buy from them for the fingerlings. They are now certified organic as of 2018. There are several of us from Ontario who buy from Eagle Creek, and they ship by designated truck and the driver drops off. We are just 30km off the 400hwy so he drops a skid lot an our farm and then proceeds to deliver to other farms along the way, I think all the way to Kingston. You should email Judy if interested.

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Thank you @terraverdehomestead and @eric_jelinski!

We’ve been ordering our Organic Seed Potatoes from Across The Creek Organics, in Pemberton, BC. The German Butter variety is the most amazing potato. People are willing to pay the organic price for that potato because it’s so freaking good.

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