Seed Distributors

Hi, I am located in Waterloo Region (near New Hamburg) and I am looking for a good seed supplier near by. I am looking for seeds for legumes (alfalfa, clovers, etc) and annuals (triticale, wheat, barley, radish, brassica etc) for perennial and annual pastures for pigs. By good, I mean knowledgeable and reasonably priced! I am not organic, so I do not need certified seed, but I do not want any treated seed either.


I usually go for either Homestead Organics or Speare Seeds, check them out:

Oh try and call your local farm supply store, they might have some local suppliers on offer.

I have dealt with wayne at general seeds.their web site is crappy but he is very good.i have had very good luck with their covers.will be using their common vetch and crimson clover to mix with my oats and peas for cover crop wich will be pastures by cattle in mid to late summer.should also be good for hogs…

Thanks Denis and Sylvan farms, I’ll check them out!

Hi Rob
A good person to get seed from is Courtney Grain and Seed Ltd in Ripley.
Carmen Courtney is an expert and knows a lot about the mixes, very good person to talk to.
He could send you a list on all his mixes.
Give him a call 519 395 2972 he be happy to talk to you.
Cheers Bernd
On Top of the World Organics Inc.