Securing a hoop house

We are putting up a new hoop house and would like to avoid using the locking channels for the sides and rely on ropes over the top of the hoop house. If people can give advice on this it would be appreciated. The hoop house is 100 foot by 20 foot. the posts go in around 3 feet. I would like to be able to roll or push up the sides when needed under the tension of the ropes.

Hi there!

You’ll need something to hoop the rope through at the base on either side of the hoophouse. Some people will solder a metal loop on the posts to slip the rope through. Another way is to use ground anchors, of which there are multiple types (buried anchors, corkscrew anchors, etc.). Once the rope is slipped through and is taught, then the plastic can easily be lifted and secured to provide access or ventilation.

Try and give Norm a call at Multi Shelter Solutions, he may be able to help with parts, or ideas and advice for securing the rope.

I’ve also attached a guide with an interesting low-tech way of doing it using a metal washer and some rope.

hoophouse-howto.pdf (1.6 MB)

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