Rotational grazing sheep

Just wanted to put it out there that we have been grazing our small flock of sheep (and a few goats) for just short of two years now, and would be happy to participate in any discussions around that topic - say, electric fence, livestock guardian animals, forages, etc.

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Do you have any specific questions Jim?

A few years back I rotational grazed some cattle and goats with two donkeys as guardians with 10,000V fencing all around, but even at that voltage the cows will go right through a freestanding fence. :frowning:

No questions at the moment, Denis, thanks. Just wanted to associate my name with the topic on the forum.

Seems like maybe sheep are a bit more respectful of electric fence than cattle!

Only sometimes, haha! :wink:

sheep that are freshly shorn will respect the wool grows they are more apt to go through the fence if they are short of feed on their side.keep your paddocks small and rotate often to give your grasses a chance to regrow.we planted a small paddock to fall rye which will give lush early pasture.when we move them out of this to the regular pasture we will plant it to a mix of corn,peas oats and clover for mid august pasture.this flushes them before breeding.fencing around the perimeter of the fields should be a good permanent fence which could be 4 or 5 strand electric fence or sheep and goat page wire fence with a hot strand inside.remember that you are keeping predators out as well as your sheep in. subdivide with electronetting or 2 strand poly wire which can be moved…dave…

After participating in Steve Gabriel’s Silvopasture workshop at the the recent EFAO conference, we’re starting into sheep. I would also appreciate being involved in a group that is focused on ecological/ regenerative/ silvopasture-based sheep raising. Please comment if you know of a group that exists. Thanks. Jarod.

Any sheep farmers out there in coyote territory who keep their flock rotating on pasture 24/7, or does everyone bring their sheep home at night for fear of coyotes? How about lambing on pasture?