Replacing poly on hoophouses

I’m looking for someone to replace the poly on my double-poly, inflated hoophouse (approx 24 x 50 - gothic). I know someone will tell me, “it is easy to do yourself”. But, I am not physically able to do it. Plus - the existing poly has lasted since 2007 - so amazing longevity - and I’m sure that is partly due to the fact that it was professionally installed, so it doesn’t catch any wind etc.
I’m located outside of St. Agatha (between Kitchener and Stratford) - ideally this would be done in early June (once my transplants are all out.)
Any suggestions? I’ve contacted all the hoop house/shelter suppliers I can think of - none of them seem to keep installer lists. (Job opportunities I’d say for someone - more and more aging growers like me can’t do the work themselves.)

Have you tried Norm at Multi Shelter Solutions? You can call him at 1-866-838-6729. Good luck!