Recommendations for a weigh scale for produce sales?

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I was wondering if anyone has a recommended brand of scale that they use for selling their produce and where to get one. I’m in the Grimsby area, so Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding Niagara area are all options for me, as well as online ordering.



Staples business Depot is where I got mine, good for up to 100 pounds. They have smaller ones too. Home hardware has digital scales up to 10 pounds or so too.

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I had two small ones (for quick weighing of bagged greens etc.) and another larger one (for potatoes, onions, etc.) at a farm auction. I don’t have a specific brand I prefer, but I have had a great experience with the little Starfrit ones (12$ at Canadian Tire), bought two of the older models and they always worked (still own one of them from about 10 years back):

I should point out that I seem to remember a somewhat obscure rule about how a scale has to be certified to weigh produce you’re going to sell at a farmer’s market? Can anyone confirm or elaborate on that?

Are you looking for legal for trade?

We just use a simple Woodvale as we sell by units rather than by weight but I do wonder if we should have a legal for trade scale.

Canada weights and measures regulates that anything sold by metered quantity, such as weight, volume, etc., be sold using a certified device.


Thanks to all that replied. Yes, the scale I want does have to be certified since we will be using it at market. I found that out when I was looking into options at Nella’s. Thanks, @benhconstable for the list of government certified vendors. I’ll check them out as well as the one that @eric_jelinski suggested at Staples. I know that there is a vendor at Armagh ( in Hamilton. I will probably have to get one from there. I was just hoping to find something less expensive.

I did buy a certified scale from someone off of Kijiji at one point, that could be an option if you want something cheaper.

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For my consulting business I use Alectronic Scale in Ancaster. Jim and Rick are great and can help you out. I know that they have dealt with large vegetable producers packaging broccoli. These scales could really take a beating.

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You might also check out the S.T.O.P. restaurant supply in Kitchener (they ship):

Bestway Scale in Brantford deals with a agricultural producers.