Rain gear recommendations

Any favourite rain gear companies? Looking particularly for some tough waterproof pants or overalls (my current one’s get soaked through after about 30 minutes exposure) :frowning:

Helly Hensen stuff is good

Take a look at your local TSC, don’t remember the brand, but they have some pretty tough rain pants/coats.

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Thanks folks for the help!

Hi Jess!

If you find something good, please let us know. In my experience, places like TSC have tough work clothes/boots in larger (“men’s”) sizes but not in smaller ones, so I have had a hard time finding what I need. Same with gloves etc.

My rain pants are from MEC, they’ve been good & waterproof for the last 3 seasons, they fit well…but they were a bit pricey ($60+?) and although I love them, I know they are made more for cyclists or hikers than farmers, which means I expect them to break down faster from carrying heavy crates or kneeling down a lot. So far so good though…

Someone above suggested helly hansen - I had a rain jacket of theirs a couple years ago and it was really nice, but didn’t hold up to farm work (again, carrying things, getting dirty, zipper clogged with mud etc) they are made for outdoor hobbyists, not farmers.

Good luck in your search! let us know what you find!

I agree. The issue with most rain gear is that the extra pressure of being on your knees forces the water through. I’m amazed rain pants from MEC have lasted 3 seasons. Best value I’ve found are WetSkins from TSC but they are hot in summer.

Re-applying waterproofing once or twice a year has never been enough for any rain gear I have bought (even for the tops that take a lot less wear). I’ve been using “World Famous” spray for camp gear. Anyone had better luck with anything else?