Questions prior to planting a small orchard

I want to plant a variety of fruit and nut trees for home use to be maintained under organic principles and planted using permaculture beds.

Is it doable/ advisable to buy semi-dwarf trees and prune them to 6’?

Where might I find a source of region specific trees (zone 5b) where the grower has considered pest resistant varieties/ gives excellent advise on selection?

The area I am thinking of gets shade after 3 PM but, full sun up to that point. Would that be a problem?

Thank you.

Hi Michele,

This is exactly what we did - semi-dwarf varieties and permiculture principles (mixing it all up). We used Whiffletree nursery. We are planning to prune using Miracle Farms approach.

Their catalog is pretty good; lots of information on pest resistance and selection. They are happy to answer questions too.

I don’t think a bit of shade in the evening would be a problem.

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+1 for Whiffletree! They’re always happy to answer any extra questions you might have.

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Appreciate the comments as my local nursery told me I could not prune 12’ semi-dwarf trees down.

I just received my Whiffletree catalogue in the mail today so clearly I am off to a better start:)

I could not find any reference to the Miracle Farm pruning. Is there an online resource?

Thank you,