Purebred Kunekune small-breed piglets ready for new homes

We’ve had Kunekune pigs on our farm for several years. They are very easy to keep and make a fantastic contribution to the farm – grazing, cleaning up in our orchard, providing very low-cost pork (and lots of lard), and are probably the most sociable, docile, and endearing animals we’ve ever had. We have 3 purebred (unregistered) gilts for sale ($650 each),and 1 barrow ($200) born June 3, ready to go anytime, and will have one unrelated breeding pair ($1100 for both) ready to go by early November. Email val@heartwoodfarm.ca or call/text 416-527-4432 for photos or more info.

Hi Val,
We are in upper Mono and are thinking of pigs for next year. I am a beginner farmer and we are still setting up infrastructure. May we come and visit your piggery?
I think I know where you are as we often drive to Burlington for family events and take the back road through Orton and have seen your farm sign. Is that correct?
We would go organic and two feeder pigs would be great. Lets talk soon. If you feel more comfortable calling you can call us : 519 942 9014
Thank you, Be well,
Anne and Frank

Hi there Anne.
Thanks for your inquiry. I was away this past week on a canoe trip so sorry for the delay. Yes, you’re right! We are located just north of the Ospringe intersection which would be on your way to Burlington. I’d be happy to have you stop by for a visit sometime. Let me know when you might be coming this way and let’s see what we can make work. Call or text me at 416-527-4432. Val