Pricing cuts of beef

Does anyone have advice on how to price beef? I have some grass fed beef - mostly steaks and would like to get some details on things like:

-rib steak
-sirloin tip steak, etc.

Iā€™d take a look at some local farms and price according to the market. I know the Dancey Family Farm as well as the MsSmiths (both in the St-Thomas area) do grass-fed beef. Here is a price list from Clear Creek (near Chatham), though I believe they are grass/grain-fed, not 100% grass-fed:

We sell grass-fed beef. To price ours we took a look at our cost of production per cut pound and then spread it out over the cuts to make sure we were getting the average but making the prices higher or lower to the specific cut.

There are two grass fed beef farmers on eat local grey bruce. Us and Twin Creek farm. You can look up the per cut prices at the on-line store.

When we sell in bulk to sell on an average price per/pound.

Thanks Jen and Denis!

Sirloin $15
Prim rib $20/lb
Tenderloin $28/lb
But it all comes to cost off production an what people are willing to pay

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