Powered weed control implement

does any one have a motor powered weeder that rotates and can be moved in and out the rows or around the plants. does it work well and is it worth having.

Not sure on effectiveness, but sounds like a finger weeder might be what you’re looking for. Check out Wilsie Farm equip.

That or a comb weeder, no need to control it, just pass right over your plants when they are well rooted and it’ll “tickle” the soil and destroy a good proportion of the weeds at the white thread stage. Timing is kind of critical, but it’s easier to operate than a finger weeder in my opinion, you just don’t have to be that precise with a comb weeder.

Some of the finger weeders also require more labour if they are the type where you have one of two people sitting at the back to do lateral control. Although there are models where you just pull it over the bed and don’t need extra hands, but you also have less lateral control.

Sorry Paul I just realized I misread your original post and I missed that you said “motor powered” weeder. Did you mean a tractor-pulled PTO powered weeder or a BCS powered attachment?

Likely be some vendors at the Guelph Organic Conf this weekend. Willsie is usually there.