Potting mix/ starting mix fertilizer

I am looking to step up our game a little with a solid potting mix, that packs the right punch to get our plants off to a good start. Last year i feel that our medium wasn’t strong enough to support our plants and we ended up doing liquid fertilization which i am not a fan of.
Wondering what folks are using for potting mixes or for slow release granular fertilizer additions to their medium.

Hi Eric and Peggy Hope you guys are well up there;! We used Fafard’s Organic Seeding Mix and Potting mixes last year. We found it was cheaper than making it ourselves. Last year and this year we organized a whole truckload delivered which we shared with Everdale, Ignatius Shared Harvest and a couple of other small farms. They make fantastic soil mixes and we have all recognized the difference their quality makes for our seedling operations. Much better quality. We used to get soil mix components piece meal and mixed them. These guys have a great thing going and are a strong organization with extremely advanced organic soil food web science in their soil mix. My two cents. Alvaro

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I used Berger (https://www.berger.ca/en/organic-mixes/) soil, mostly because I found Fafard to be hard to source in my region. Good mix overall but personally I found that it dried out too quickly, and I did end up doing liquid fertilizer for some crops. I hear Fafard is a superior mix.

Thanks for your input. We are going to try some inputs from Plant Products this year and see how it turns out. I will keep you posted with progress.

Hey Eric @ThreeForksFarms ! Any update on this topic?

Hey Denise. Thanks for checking back in. We went will the Selectus 4-2-5 from Plant Products (https://www.plantproducts.com/ca/viewproduct.php?pid=2345). We add 4 x750ml container to a bail of pro-mix and have had great results. We are happy with the improvement. So much that we brought in the selectus for some field applications this year when we moved to the new farm with incredibly low fertility.