Possible land available for small organic farmer in Arthur

I own land in Arthur, ON that has been protected as both farmland and natural habitat. I’m considering opening up a few acres for free to someone interested in small scale organic farming. The section I’m considering opening up hasn’t been farmed in over 15 years and prior to that it has only been plowed maybe once in the last 25 years so the soil should be quite healthy. My manufacturing business is also located on this land so there would be access to running water, washrooms, and other resources. This summer we have been piloting a free nature program on the property for children from the community that has been quite successful, so if we expand the nature program and turn it into a full time program, we are hoping to expose children to the organic farm through education and hands on experiences. So whomever farms the land will have to be open to allowing children to interact in some capacity. If you’re interested or know of someone that might be interested, please have them call me at 519-546-5033. Thanks, Jim