Planting Garlic: How many rows per bed?

Hi Friends,

Looking forward to planting garlic this year, and I’m wondering what kind of spacing people are using.
We use 32 inch beds here. And i hear about most people using 3 rows in a 32 inch bed.
Personally I’ve tried 3 rows with 6 inch in-row spacing, and been happy with the results.
I’ve also done 4 rows and been happy as well.
I tried a couple beds at 5 rows this year and those seemed to do reasonably well as well (given that all the garlic struggled this season).

Any ideas why 3 rows may be best?

I think that the conventional wisdom is that the more space they have the better they do (less competition for light, water, nutrients). The other reason for a lof of farms out there is that the fewer the rows, the easier it is to weed between them.

Here is a photo of my garlic setup of 3 rows on 40 in (1 m) wide beds. I think I totally could have done 4 rows though, especially on a bed that wide.

We have 5’ wide beds and normally plant 7 rows across it; 8" spacing in other words. We get some pretty big heads! It is important to keep it weeded though.