Organic fertilizer injector systems for irrigation


I am hoping for some advise around organic fertilizer injector systems for small irrigation set ups. I will be fertilizing vegetables, shrubs, small trees and perennials. The irrigation system is coming off a residential sized hose.

Also, has anyone used fish fertilizer under an injector system and how did it work?

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Plainfield Heritage Farm

Dubois has some of that gear:

I’ve used fish fertilizer before, but never with an injector system (I just soaked my trays in the solution).

Some brands of fish fertilizer will work, while others will clog drip tape emitters, etc. Check with your supplier.
Also, be sure to flush your system really well following application - residues of any product are guaranteed to cause headaches!

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I do plan to order from Dubois as I used them for the irrigation system last year.

They do not sell organic fertilizers. I tried called my local supplier of fish fertilizer but, they have no clue a about appropriate use for irrigation. Rob, can you send me to a source that would know?

Thank you.

Hi Michele, sorry for the delayed response. There are only a handful of processors of fish fertilizer, so even if your supplier doesn’t know, they should be able to direct you to the manufacturer for that information. It’s usually on the manufacturer websites too.