Organic Fertilizer + Amendments

Hey everyone. I wanted to ask if anyone knows of a source for organic fertilizer and soil amendments in SW Ontario. In the past we have sourced mostly from Homestead Organics, but unfortunately they have closed. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks

Check out
You can download their list of inputs from the site.

Have a look at
They are in Mississauga just off the 401. They gave me couple of 4 l jugs to try last spring time, and it worked good, so I bought a 200 litre barrel.

Trevor Pfeffer sources some materials from Midwestern Bio-Ag. Some of these may be certified for organic use. If not he likely has a on lead on where you could source them.

Trevor Pfeffer

121796 Conc 8, RR #2

Ayton, ON N0G 1C0

Phone: (519) 665-7574


It really depends on the types of materials you are looking for, some are readily available at many farm supplies, others will take some looking.

another one suggested is grow your own comfrey and then make tea with it, then use it as a liquid fertilizer. Just google comfrey + organic fertilizer…lots of info.

I also think various cover crops will also help. See,
clovers, rye, tillage radish are some options. in Harriston Ontario

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I’ve used pelleted hen manure from Acti-sol for many years in the past and it’s a great add-on fertilizer (although as @eric_jelinski suggested, it isn’t meant to be a be-all-end-all solution for your fertility).

They can ship totes of it to you.

Anny-Sandra Hamel , Representative
Acti-Sol inc. 22 Brinloor Blvd., Toronto (Ontario) M1M 1L2
Toronto office: 416 913-0060 • Cell: 416 970-4084

Thanks to all for the recommendations - much appreciated

Denis; thank you for this link to Acti-Sol. I might try them some time for flower beds especially.

There’s Bio-Ag in Wellesley that carries a lot of organic amendments. Also Agriculture Solutions in Elora. And Evergreen Liquid Plant Food just outside Kitchener.

@andrew.e.meehan: One place I just found out about is Black Swallow Living Soils in Brantford:

They have a bunch of good stuff there.

I was coming onto the forum today to ask the exact same question. We use to source all our organic soil amendment from Homestead aswell.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

We’ve also purchased some greenhouse products from Plant Products, which is near Hamilton.