Muscovy Duck overwintering

Hi -Does anyone know about over-wintering Muscovy Ducks? Do they need water to clean themselves or just for drinking? We will be building a hutch inside a barn that is not heated and they will have access to outside.

I’ve overwintered those before and they had access to an artificial pond, and we had enough birds in there that the water would never freeze over fully in the center (and this is in a frigid Montreal winter mind you). I think you definitely want a body of water for them to wash in to avoid disease.

Hi Denise,
I’ve had Muscovy ducks for a few years and they just have access to a large chicken waterer in the winter. I’ve never lost a duck to disease. They do love bathing though so you could get a tank heater if your barn has electricity.

I have a little pool for them to cool off in the summer time…which is also supposed to encourage egg incubation (helps them increase their humidity in the nest). You do have to change their water pool frequently in the summer - that can become a source of disease.

Thank you both for your experiences and advice!