Looking to rent 1 acre near London, ON

I am looking to rent a small plot of organic land (~1 acre) within 45 minutes of London, beginning in 2021. The land will be used to grow medicinal and culinary herbs and host a small mating apiary (where I will raise some queen bees and create some new bee colonies). I would establish one or two small hoop houses or caterpillar tunnels (all removable, none permanent). I would need some sort of access to water.


I’m in London and can try to help you out with that.

Wait… are you Earthygrrrrl on Insta??

Yes it’s me! I would love to chat with you! I looked into SPIN farming in the city but understand it is not allowed in residential zones in the city of London. I know it’s difficult to find land where Ag is allowed in the city, which is why I am hoping to find rural land close to the city.

We live in the same neighborhood in London! I follow you on Insta, I love your permaculture backyard adventures. :slight_smile: I’m the farm manager for Urban Roots London (www.urbanrootslondon.ca), you should come out and see the farm when you get a chance, I’d be happy to give you a tour. We’re very close to Hamilton/Highbury.

Oh awesome! I’d love to check out Urban Roots, I’ve been there a couple times and worked with Jeremy on a Urban Agriculture committee with the City of London. But I’d love to see how things are growing this year!

If Urban Roots would ever be interested in hosting honey bees, I am looking for spots for my bees as I’m expanding my beekeeping beyond my backyard (and I love to do community outreach/education about bees)!

That’s great Rebecca! I’ll message you through Facebook and maybe I can give you a tour of the farm sometime this week and we can chat about all that!

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That would be great, although next week is best for a farm tour. This week I am in the last stages of finishing up a course I’m teaching at Western and swamped with grading.

I have deactivated my FB, but you can contact me on messenger or my email - rebecca.a.ellis@gmail.com

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