Looking for sources for good electric poultry netting

Does anyone have any good sources for electric poultry netting? I’ve had a brief look around and it doesn’t seem like there are any ‘brand names’ to buy, like there are with solar fence chargers. I’d like to buy something well built that lasts a while, not cheapy stuff.

Hi there Dean:
I’ve used a few different electro nets over the years, and found that both Premier1Supplies and Gallagher seem to have the best quality versions. They can be hard to come by without importing them from the States. I just purchased a sheep net from Brussels Agri-Service, and I believe that they said they also carry the poultry version. Beyond that, I can’t offer much assistance, but Brussels might have what you need.
Good luck!

You can order Gallagher through Home Hardware.

Yes I did that also. And bought a plug in charger through Sharpe’s locally. Solar was just too expensive for me.

Hi Val, Do you find that Premier1 is worth the added cost of the currency exchange and the duties since we have to import? Or do you have a source for Premier one in Ontario? What I see on the Brussel Agri site looks like Gallagher which I can get at Sharpe’ or Home Hardware.

Thanks for the feedback! After some googling, it does look like the premier1 stuff is quite nice! The Gallagher looks nice as well, I have heard the posts are spaced a little bit further apart, I think I would rather have them a little closer, plus they are all sold out lol. A lot of the premier 1 stuff is back-ordered as well, but they have some in stock still that fits the bill just fine for me.

I do think the hassle and cost of importing is not worth it. I like the Gallagher version and didn’t know that Sharpes and Home Hardware carried it! Premier sheep nets are also available at http://cookstown.wool.ca/online_sales/ for comparison. I am happy to learn a bit more about other sources! Thanks.