Looking for sheep to rent this season

Hello, last year we employed sheep in our hop yard to help with weeding and pruning with great succes, saving us hours of labour. Last year we had only 3 head and since it was a drought year, it worked just enough with rotational grazing but this year 7 or 8 sheep would be ideal. Due to the fact that the sheep like to the eat young, tender hop plants, we can’t allow them in the yards until July 1st and they would be returned labour day weekend. We have a 4 x string perimeter electrical fence & use mobile fencing for rotational grazing inside this for double protection. Will pay a monthly rental fee, plus cover all grain, hay, bedding & travel costs. Please contact us if interested. Thanks in advance. gail@winterbrookhops.ca

Hi Gail! Whereabouts are you located?

I’ll pass this on to someone that might be interested, she’ll email you if that’s the case. Good luck!