Looking for non-sprayed straw for our garlic beds

Hello everyone. New to the forum, excited it exists!

My wife and I are starting a small market garden outside of Guelph and are searching for straw to cover our garlic over the winter. Anyone have a contact for unsprayed straw/barley/oats we could purchase?

We have 3 100ft beds to cover up so probably 5-6 bales.

Thanks for any responses and I’ll get acquainted with the forum.


Found Brouwer Farms in Cambridge after digging around on the forum.

I moved your topic to the “Classifieds:Wanted” section, which would have been the best place to put it. Just letting you know it exists next time you are looking for something. :slight_smile:

@danielkfuller: FYI, I just picked up some miscanthus straw from the Ontario Biomass Producers. If you look at one of the EFAO newsletters, you should see an ad for that with the contact information. The farmer involved with this was in Simcoe, near Port Dover. The bales are roughly 500-600 lbs in weight and are 3’x3’x6’.

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Thanks Denis, I’ll be sure to use that next time

Thanks for the suggestion!