Looking for Cooperative distribution of fertilizer to reduce cost for members

Talun Eco-Products Inc make use of by-products from processes of food, including: seaweed; cereals; soybean; fruits, molasses; beneficial micro-organisms to produce sustainable fertilizers.

We are asking if anyone might be interested in cooperatively distributing our products to reduce shipping costs and make them more accessible to smaller scale farmers.

Please contact Ying Fong at ying@talunecoproducts.com for details.

Thank You.

Do you have retail packaging or bulk?

Hello Erik,

|Thank you for your message.

For solid products, the packaging sizes range from 100g-20kg. 1 ton tote is only recommended for manufacturer.

For liquid products we have 5L-100L(IBC).

Our website is talunecoproducts.com

BTW, I can email you more technical information and certificates.



Ill ask the local feed store to stock it.

Hello Erik, thank you so much for your help. Please let the store know that I am more than happy to plan out a working relationship that are good for all of us.