Livestock Guardian Dog needs new farm

We have a 2 year old Maremma neutered male, raised on a sheep farm, that needs an ideal working farm. Rufus is well-suited to a busier farm as he is not at all aggressive to people (including visitors). He’s very alert and active as a guardian but prefers to stay closer to the herd/flock/barnyard and does not wander. $900 firm. Please call Val if you are interested. 416-527-4432

Can I ask why he’s being rehomed? what makes him not a good fit for your farm?

Absolutely! A very fair question. We have recently been given a green light for a farm stay enterprise on the farm, and since any LGD worth his salt will bark through the night to ward off coyotes, I’ve realized that we can no longer utilize this form of predator control. I’m actually very torn, because Rufus is an absolutely delightful farm dog in every other way. Happy to share more by phone if you’d like. I do have someone coming to see him later today, but don’t know for sure that will go through.


Hi, I know this ad is a bit old but is Rufus still available?

Thanks, Ben

Hi – sorry Ben for the slow response. Rufus is no longer available. Good luck with your search!