Liquid Fish Sources

Hi - Does anyone know of any good locations to obtain liquid fish or organic suitable fertilizer for drip irrigation? I will be using them for blueberries.

I don’t know about bulk, but I used to buy it by the gallon at William Dam Seeds (in Dundas), and I typically only used about 2 gallons per year. Check it out here:

Where are you located @phil1?

Where are you located?
What kind of volumes are you looking for?

I am in the Melbourne area - just southwest of London. I have purchased 8 10L jugs for now, but had to go to Guelph area for it. Do you know of anything closer?

Hi Phil,
The Blacks Lane branch of Thompsons Limited near Rodney should be able to source it for you in 1000L, 500L, 100L or 10L sizes. Alan Bloomfield is the guy to talk to.

Thanks - much appreciated

I just came onto this forum. What fertilizer injector system are you using with the fish fertilizer for your drip irrigation, please?