Let's talk Silvopasture!

Hi all, this is a thread for folks who participated in the 2020 EFAO Conference silvopasture sessions, or anyone interested in talking and learning more about this topic.

Drop your questions, ideas and experiences here to connect with others practicing silvopasture!

Oh yes! Silverpasture would fit right into our pastured goat’s! Though we have been considering planting certain trees on our pasture 6+ years ago, now I feel regrets not finding the time top have started then. The seminars here have given me more fire to move fwd on planting and protecting new trees in our pasture. Species we may consider, Poplar, black locust and Willow. I can only imagine 20 years from now, how grateful we will be! (Will)

we practice rotational grazing and are looking at adding a strip of trees and shrubs between each of our grazing paddocks. We want to add some sugar maples and a couple oaks for hard wood, pines and other conifers to break the wind, aspens, poplars, hazels, mulberry, willows, dogwoods, birches, black locust, all to be coppiced and pollarded to use as tree hay, as well as some apple and maybe chestnut trees, pawpaws, raspberries, currants, etc. the animals would be fenced out of the tree belts, but I will be able to chop branches and drop them over the fence to them, and harvest and store branches for winter feeding.