Keeping Radishes Fresh

Hi! Looking for feedback on how to keep radishes fresh from harvest to delivery?
At the moment I’m trying not to harvest and wash them until as late as possible but sometimes they need harvesting before they bolt or split.

I’ve never had much trouble keeping radishes fresh provided you store them at 2-3 degrees celsius in a closed bin. The foliage will start to yellow about about a week and a half, so if you’re planning on keeping them that long, you might want to cut off the foliage and store just the radishes in a bin. Although typically I wash them before storage.

Ah the closed bin is probably the trick! I was trying bags or else in a bin with a little water but without lid.

Seems simple now! Thanks

FYI, I don’t use water in the bin, otherwise I would have to change it too often to keep it from getting foul.