Katahdin sheep starter flock for sale

I have 6 commercial Katahdin ewes with April born lambs (all had twins) and a young ram with excellent Western genetics (sire of lambs) for sale. I sourced Katahdins last year from a long-time breeder who has culled hard for parasite resistance and never deworms his sheep. Our small, diversified farm has too much predator pressure, and infrastructure investments are proving too high for me to successfully add sheep to my managed grazing system set up for cattle. Please reach out if you are interested in purchasing these sheep as a package. Prices are $300-500 per animal, but I would negotiate for the whole package.

Hi! Just wondering if your sheep are still available? What package price would you be asking for the entire herd? Where are you located? Are your sheep grass-fed only or are they used to supplemental feed? Thank you, John and Susan

Hi John and Susan
I’m sorry for the delay in responding! Thanks for your interest. It looks like I do have someone who is keen to buy the flock but if it falls through I will follow up with you!