Insurance changes for those delivering CSA shares

Hi all,

seeking insight on an insurance strategy for the season. I run a small 20 member vegetable CSA which I normally have a central pickup location, but this year have decided to deliver shares to members because of covid. I also plan to sell a bit here & there to a prepared foods business in town, and from my landowner’s roadside stand.

I rent my land & have no employees, so the only insurance coverage I’ve had before is liability for sales of my food (PAL/exhibitor insurance) which was required by a market I used to sell at, and I also used it to cover my CSA pickup spot.

This year I will not be selling at market nor having a CSA pickup location, and my agent thinks that this means I don’t need the liability coverage. I would rather have something in place, mainly in case one of my customers gets sick and thinks it’s from my produce (which the PAL insurance covered previously).

Any thoughts? I am going to follow up with the insurance agent to talk in more detail, but wondered if others are having to make similar changes & what policies you’ve found. Because my farm is so small I need to keep the cost low.



We used to have liability coverage for our CSA/Market garden. It’s a good thing to have for sure, and usually the cost is minimal. Makes it easier to sleep at night in my opinion, because I wouldn’t want to lose my farm to a lawsuit, warranted or otherwise.