Implements for Tractors

We’re looking for a used hydraweeder, ECO weeder, Reggie, or something of the sort… a one seat/row, tractor 3pt hitch mounted human guided weeder for the veggie field.

Hi Heather,

We got our eco weeder from one of the vendors at the EFAO conference - Willsie Equipment Sales. They make there own equipment mostly, but we were able to buy a used one from the original manufacturer. It was cheap because it runs with belts and pulleys.

I don’t remember the exact price but is was a lot less then the new machines- maybe around $3,000

The model that the company we bought it from now makes one that has hydraulic motors that turn the rotors, so I think that would be a much better option - more control over speed and no belts to wear out - but we have not worn out a belt yet - but the belts do slip on the pulley in deep soil.

This is the company that made it - I don’t know if they have upgraded to a hydraulic one yet.

Hope this helps!

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For used implements I would check local auctions, or maybe Walsh Brothers in Dundas, ON or Fawcett Tractor Supply in St Marys, ON who both sell used implements.