Hot tip for Ruminant Farmers

Hey everyone!
I’ve got a hot tip for anyone raising ruminants (specifically sheep). I promise this is just a PSA - I’m not a dealer or a rep or in any way affiliated/connected/in contact with the company…

I started using Bovi-Glo during lambing and I’m totally over the moon with it. I have only used 1 dose of antibiotic on 1 out of 120 lambs. I’ve been using it a few ways…

  • A dose for each ewe while in the jug
  • 1mL per day for all my bottle lambs (and 3mL for calves) as a preventative since, as we all know, they tend to be more sensitive since they aren’t getting the right bacteria from their mother
  • 3mL for any lamb with a dirty bum (dries them right up within 24 hrs)
  • AND FINALLY! A hypothermic lamb who got an E coli infection and would up with watery mouth. This is the greatest triumph. I tubed him with colostrum collected from another ewe but it isn’t sterile of course. He wound up with Watery Mouth. I gave 3mL of Bovi-Glo when the drooling started and more with neomycin 3 hours later. Figured he’d been dead when I got back in the morning - we never have good luck treating watery mouth. Well he made a full recovery and was eating like a champ within a couple days. I’m absolutely thrilled.
    So! Go out and get yourself a bottle (you can get it from BioAg or Minor Bros) and save yourself some time, money, and stress (no paperwork to fill out if you don’t use antibiotics! haha).

Thanks for this tip! I’m always desperate for anything to help the babies! We have goats so I’m going to go buy some this spring for our kids! Thanks!