Health and Safety Training Manuals

Hey Folks, We are in the process of putting together our training manual for staff and want to beef up our health and safety on the farm. I was wondering if anyone has a manual that they have used or put together that they would be willing to share? I will share ours here once done as well, but would like to see what others are doing as well.

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Hey Peggy - have you taken a look through this list? It includes what you’re legally obligated to do for health & safety (and more) as an employer. 1 of the obligations is that all workers take an online health & safety course & that you put the certificate of completion on file. Not necessarily the BEST training… but 1 to include in your list of things to do. I also wrote up a health & safety policy that I post. Again - not the most important part of a training really, but legally important to have. And sends a clear signal to workers that health & safety is valued and a shared responsibility…even if it doesn;t get into the details of what is considered safe in any particular farm practices. I’m happy to share it - it’s nothing special, but it’s definitely something I go through on our orientation day to let folks know that just b/c this is a farm it’s not ok to do stupid stuff.

Thanks Angie. This is useful. We will post our manual once it is done for others to review or use as a reference.
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Hello! I know this thread is a couple years old but if anyone is willing to revisit it, I would love your input. We are planning on hiring our first employees this summer through CSJ and I’m trying to determine what kinds of health & safety materials/training we need to have in place. If you are willing to share your manuals and policies I would greatly appreciate it, as well as any other tips you may have for getting these things in place. Thanks!

Hi Tessa,
Congratulations on hiring staff. That is a great step for your business. Employee Manual.pdf (236.3 KB) This is our employee manual from 2020. We update it every year but this is the backbone of our training. We go through this page by page with our staff for orientation. This year I will be updating the section on expectations to make sure we communicate our needs better. I hope this helps.

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Hi Peggy,
Thank you so much for sharing! I’m finding this process daunting and really appreciate you sharing your manual as a jumping off point for us.

We’re currently putting ours together, I’m going to try ands post it here once we have it done.

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