Harvesting, Processing Tips, Best Practices

I run a small market garden with some CSA shares and two small markets. It is essentially a one-person operation. This season, I want to improve my efficiencies in harvesting and processing/washing my veggies. I don’t have any fancy equipment. My wash station is a tub, table and drip table. Any good sources of information (videos even) out there to check out?

That’s also mainly what I used in my similar operation. Thought at 60 shares, I was reaching the point where I had to start thinking about being more efficient. I was considering building:

  • Root washer
  • Bunch washer
  • Automated greens “dryer” (spinner)

Washing and bagging can be so time consuming!

Thanks Denis,

Yes, I find the greens, washing, spinning (hand-cranked), weighing, bagging, the most time consuming for sure. Maybe it’s time to check out the automated spinner… Have you come across any good resources for harvesting/handling various crops in the field? Thanks!